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Why it Matters that you support 3,000 Cups of Tea

“Peace through books, not bombs” is a vital concept in these dangerous times. Greg Mortenson has put that concept into reality by educating one child at a time. To date, upwards of 150,000 children in some of the most remote areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan, have attended a school built and/or supported by the Central Asia Institute, many whom go on to pursue higher education and careers in medicine, law, and academia.

But in 2011, Mortenson and his Central Asia Institute were rocked with allegations of fraud and mismanagement, allegations which caused an immediate 80% drop in donations and the near ruin of his mission. But after an Attorney General’s investigation cleared Mortenson of any crime, he returned to his life’s work of bringing literacy to some of the farthest reaches of the world.

Now, as he rebuilds himself and the Institute, he has finally agreed to allow a documentary team to tell his story. After two years of filming, and traveling to Pakistan and Afghanistan, we have nearly finished the film.

We’ve done this working alone and largely on our own dime, but now we need your help. Your contribution will go directly to pay for everything needed to give the film an award winning presentation and appearance — including editing, color correction, music, and all other aspects of post-production.

Now we need to take this amazing story to a worldwide audience, and we will, with your help.


Ron Mortenson with school girls, All Rights Reserved, Skyline Ventures Productions

Greg Mortenson greets schoolchildren near Skardu, Pakistan

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